You could own ‘the fastest Mini in the world’

fastest mini in the world BBR

The world’s maddest Mini is up for sale. Yes, the BBR-tuned Mini that scared Top Gear could be yours. All 350hp of it…

We’re a bit in love with Minis at Motoring Research. Richard drove one of the very last classic Minis around London and is now determined to buy one. And we’ll be testing the new Swind electric-powered classic Mini soon, too.

fastest mini in the world BBR

Does the ‘new’ Mini deserve an equal place in our affections, and our dream Mini garage? With an engine swap, this one might just make the cut.

This Mini even gave The Stig himself a serious fright on the run up to top speed. He managed 150mph before he chickened out.

fastest mini in the world BBR

So where does all that power come from?

Brodie Britain Racing (BBR) swapped a turbocharged and intercooled engine in from new.

fastest mini in the world BBR

That joins an upgraded braking system, ‘anti torque-steer suspension’ (note the camber), Recaro bucket seats and many other upgrades.

With the car itself, it all added up to £90,000 when new…

A £90,000 Mini for £22,000

fastest mini in the world BBR

That price justifies an expletive or two, we think. Happily, you can pick it up today for the price of a well-specced new Cooper.

When the car crosses the block at H&H Classics auction on March 20 at Duxford, it’s estimated to sell for between £18,000 and £22,000.

For what might be the ultimate new-generation British hot hatchback, with just 5,500 miles on the clock, that sounds pretty good. It could be a pretty epic buy in this, the Mini’s 60th-anniversary year.