1982 Lynx Eventer V12 HE

The original Jaguar Shooting Brake to sell at auction

1982 Lynx Eventer V12 HEThe first Jaguar ‘shooting brake’ Lynx Eventer to be sold to the public is going up for auction later this month at the Silverstone Auctions Autumn Sale.

The 1-of-67 Eventer, registration 1 HOP, was the original marketing car, appearing in brochures and magazines at the time of its launch in 1982. It was actually the very first car sold (and its entire history is recorded in a cuttings file that will come with the car).

Based on the Jaguar XJS V12 HE, the hand-built Lynx Eventer was built in East Sussex on a custom-made jig; the regular XJS flying buttresses were chopped off and replaced by an extended roofline with new side and rear glass – creating the famously light and airy shooting brake profile. Production of each car took three and a half months.

The resulting car weighed less than a regular Jaguar XJS and, thanks to stiffer rear suspension, handled better. Silverstone Auctions says it was “testament to the skills of British engineers” that Lynx “created a car that drive like the product of a multi-million pound R&D programme”.

Silverstone Auctions MD Nick Whale added: “We’re no stranger to these beautiful estate cars, having sold build number 40 at The Silverstone Classic Sale in July. These cars are incredibly rare and offer an unusual and practical classic car ownership experience.”

However, although the car is expected to sell for between £25,000-£30,000, buyers are being warned it’s not ready to roll. It’s been stored for the past 15 years “and is in need of restoration”…

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