Man advertises ‘good’ car on eBay with sensible description

A man has taken the unusual step of advertising his 12-year-old Ford Focus on internet auction site eBay, without feeling the need to make it ‘funny’ in an attempt to go viral.

James Smith, 43, from Kings Lynn, described his family hatchback as a ‘good runner, serviced regularly with usual wear and tear’.

He told Motoring Research: “I’m selling my Ford Focus because I’ve bought a newer one.

“I’ve owned it for three years and it’s been a good runaround. It will serve someone well.”

When quizzed about whether he was really selling the car on behalf of his lazy offspring, or because his wife had left him, or because it was a complete pile of poo, Smith told us: “No. I just wanted a newer car.”

It’s thought that Smith, who works as a logistics coordinator, even cleaned the car before taking pictures for the advert.

With three days left to run on the auction, bidding has reached an unremarkable £475.

Smith refused to disclose his reserve price, but described it as ‘sensible’.