Opinion: Why 4x4 drivers should be a bit more Jake

Opinion: Why 4×4 drivers should be more Jake

Opinion: Why 4x4 drivers should be a bit more Jake

TV presenter Jake Humphrey has taken to Twitter to offer his help and 4×4 vehicle to anyone who needs it in the Norwich area.

The ex-F1 host tweeted this morning asking for people to let him know if they were aware of anyone who needed help.

He later posted a picture claiming to be ‘mid-rescue’.

It got me thinking. Why can’t more 4×4 drivers be a bit more Jake?

I’m happy that I live in a country where people are, pretty much, allowed to drive whatever they want. No one should feel pressured into owning a certain type of car, and I hate any kind of inverse snobbery triggered by someone driving a nice motor. I just find it slightly disappointing that so many choose to exercise their right to buy an SUV.

I see the appeal of an SUV. The space is great, if you need it, and the high-up driving position can be lovely. If you wish to see over hedges, perhaps, or feel superior to lesser motorists.

So, if you own a 4×4, I’m not going to make you feel like you need to justify your choice of transport. And if you do, you’re probably heading straight to the comments box to explain just how good it’s been in the snow we’re experiencing today.

And yes, generally 4x4s are better than most other cars on those rare occasions when it does snow. It doesn’t necessarily justify your decision to buy a Range Rover, though. Why not work from home, if you can, or buy a set of winter tyres for your car? (Side note: I’m driving a Subaru WRX STI this week, and it’s a perfect example of how much a four-wheel-drive vehicle on summer rubber can struggle in the snow).

Some of us absolutely have to get to our destinations, of course. Nurses and carers don’t have the option to take a snow day, for example; nor do farmers. So if you do have a 4×4 vehicle, and you haven’t got much on today, I urge you: why not do a good turn and help out those who need it?

4×4 Response is a national organisation made up of volunteers willing to help out when extreme weather hits the UK. That could be delivering supplies to isolated villages or providing transport to medical or care staff. When required (such as times with severe weather warnings, like today), volunteers are on standby to help with their 4x4s.

This is a brilliant way of giving you a mighty good argument the next time someone questions why you own a 4×4, but you don’t need to go as far as volunteering with a national organisation to help. Simply carrying a tow rope, a shovel, some warm clothes and perhaps a flask of tea could come in handy should you come across a stranded motorist.

When you’re driving home from work later today and you come across a stranded motorist, ask yourself: “What would Jake do?”.

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