Porsche Macan Four Cylinder image (c) PorscheIt’s been known for some time that Porsche is developing a four-cylinder engine for future entry level models… but Motoring Research can reveal the sports car manufacturer has already launched a four-cylinder car to customers!

Although it hasn’t officially been announced, Porsche is starting to retail a Macan four-cylinder turbo petrol model here in the UK – but, perhaps tellingly, it clearly states to customers that it’s a model only for special order.

The first four-cylinder Porsche since the 968 is not expected to be a mainstream one.

Called simply ‘Macan’ (rather than the Macan S, Macan S Diesel and Macan Turbo that were the focus of the official dealer launch), the new four-pot model uses the generic VW Group 1,984cc 2.0-litre turbo, also seen in models like the VW Golf GTI and Skoda Octavia vRS.

Porsche Macan Four Cylinder image (c) Porsche

It produces 237hp between 5,000-6,800rpm and 258lb ft of torque between 1,500-4,500rpm. Both impressive stats, as is the 0-62mph time of 6.9 seconds; despite losing two cylinders, this is still a 1,770kg machine.

Average fuel economy as high as 39.2mpg, combined with CO2 emissions that go down to 168g/km, are also impressive.

The £40,000 Macan

Porsche is selling the Macan 2.0T as a PDK-only model, and appears reluctant even to divulge the car’s pricetag. But Motoring Research has discovered it retails at £40,276 – that’s a saving of more than £3,000 over the Macan S Diesel.

The price isn’t the real interest here, though: it’s the fact Porsche is once again retailing a four-cylinder vehicle. One using a mainstream VW engine at that… admittedly, not even the Golf GTI Performance Pack produces this much power, but it’s still a significant step into the mainstream for the Stuttgart brand.

Over to you: four-cylinder Porsches – good thing or bad, and why?