Nvidia launches Drive tech at CES 2015

Nvidia Drive brings supercomputers to cars

Nvidia launches Drive tech at CES 2015Tech giant Nvidia has launched two new automotive computing platforms at CES 2015 that it says will bring mobile supercomputing to the cars of the future. 

The Nvidia Drive PX system will help car makers develop self-driving cars, and Nvidia Drive CX will let them create multiple computer graphics-grade digital displays.

With Nvidia Drive CX, some at CES 2015 are predicting it will create the world’s first in-car 4K display – and Nvidia’s close partnership with Audi means the German firm could be the first to bring it to market.

Using the new Tegra X1 superchip processor – which boasts 1 teraflops of computing power – Drive CX can power 16.8 million pixels on multiple displays, says Nvidia.

That’s 10 times more than today’s cars.

It facilitates advanced graphics and computer vision for sat nav, infotainment, digital dial packs – and is even powerful enough to provide real-time 360-degree vision.

Nvidia says it could thus replace physical mirrors with digital smart mirrors.

Nvidia Drive PX: for self-drive cars

Drive PX gives car makers a powerful technical platform for developing self-driving cars. It uses two Tegra X1 superchips, up to 12 cameras and can process 1.3 gigapixels per second.

It’s powerful enough to autonomously drive through a parking bay and hunt out empty spaces, then accurately park the car before returning back to the driver when they call it from their smartphone.

Drive PX even has ‘human’ nuances: deep learning capabilities, says Nvidia, mean the system can tell an ambulance from a delivery van, and a police car from a regular saloon – and react accordingly.

“Mobile supercomputing will be central to tomorrow’s car,” said Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO and co-founder, Nvidia at the CES 2015 showcase. 

“With vast arrays of cameras and displays, cars of the future will see and increasingly understand their surroundings… future cars will do many amazing, seemingly intelligent things. 

“Nvidia Drive will accelerate the intelligent car revolution by putting the visual computing capabilities of supercomputers at the service of each driver.”

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