You can now buy Nurburgring-flavoured steak seasoning

Nordschleife BBQ Seasoning

You’ve heard of Ferrari-badged baseball caps, Lamborghini watches and Shmee 150 socks. Now behold Nordschleife barbecue seasoning, named after the Nurburgring.

What’s the link with the Nordschleife and barbecuing, then? Well, it is the belief of Nordschleife (the accessory company) that a good day of motorsport is greatly improved by a hearty serving of chargrilled meat. We concur.

‘What is an indispensable part of a day spent racing on the world’s most demanding racetrack?’ it says. ‘A tasty barbecue on the charcoal grill with a “racing sausage” and a nice piece of meat!’ Quite…

Nordschleife BBQ Seasoning

The seasoning itself comes in a 300g resealable pack, and costs just over £13.50. That’ll make for a decent amount of tasty steaks.

There’s no danger of running out over the course of a weekend of hot laps and hot meat at the Nurburgring.

Nordschleife also offers a range of outdoorsy apparel for if you fancy scaling the Eiffel Mountains. We wonder if it sells socks…