Why you might need new number plates after Brexit

GB number plates no deal Brexit

UK motorists may need to splash out on a new set of number plates in the event of a no-deal Brexit

The news comes as the government issues guidance notes on preparing to drive in the EU after Brexit, with a warning that number plates displaying both the EU flag and a GB sign will no longer be valid from 29 March 2019.

Instead, drivers will have to replace the Euro-plate with a number plate displaying the GB plate without the EU flag. Alternatively, Remainers can hold on to their plastic slice of EU history, providing they display a GB sticker without any reference to the EU.

Under the current rules, a separate GB sticker isn’t required when travelling within the European Union if the Euro symbol and GB national identifier are displayed on the number plates. The Euro symbol must be a minimum height of 98mm, have a width between 40 and 50mm, have a reflective blue background with 12 reflecting yellow stars, and must show GB in reflecting white or yellow.

GB sticker on Triumph Stag

Alternatively, motorists can display the Union Flag, Cross of St George, Cross of St Andrew or Red Dragon, but they must be accompanied by letters denoting the country of origin. For example, in the case of Wales, the options are CYMRU, Cymru, CYM, Cym, Wales or WALES.

In all cases, the plates must be accompanied by a GB sticker.

And you thought it was simply a case of sticking a pair of plastic plates on your car. 

One thing’s clear: if you’re travelling in the EU from 29 March 2019, you may need a GB sticker if your car is currently wearing a set of EU number plates. It’s either that or splashing out on the non-EU variety. Let’s hope Halfords has stocked up on blank plates…

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