Cuddly cows rescused

No bull as Traffic Officers respond to ’20 pigs on the run’

Cuddly cows rescused

You couldn’t make it up. In what would be an ideal ‘And finally…’ news story, a driver called Cambridgeshire Police to report 20 pigs on the loose on the A1(M) between Huntingdon and Peterborough.

Traffic officers Graeme Laws and Ian White were the first to arrive, expecting to see Peppa, Hamm, Gordy, Babe, Miss Piggy, Porky and chums dancing with the traffic, just a fender bender away from being served with eggs at the local diner. But what they discovered near enough blew their minds.

Too much drama? Yeah, perhaps.

The pigs turned out to be a team of cuddly cows – we’re not making this up – which had been blown around by the wind. Quite what they were doing on the A1(M) is anybody’s guess – the farmer hadn’t taught them the Green Cross Code – but the cows were swiftly rounded up and taken to safety.

No bullock, just veal life

Cuddly cows

Ian White, said: “We were looking for these pigs, worried about the disruption they could cause if there were live animals on the motorway, so were quite surprised to find the hoof of the matter was that they were actually teddy cows

“The wind had been causing them to moove around in the road, making drivers think they were live animals wandering through the traffic. There were a lot of them, and as we were gathering them we kept spotting anudder one which we needed to grab.

“Eventually, we managed to manoeuvre them off the road so that drivers could continue their journeys uninterrupted.”

The cows are helping the police with their enquiries and are said to be recovering from their ordeal. They don’t want to milk their new-found fame but would like to give Graeme and Ian a pat on the back for keeping the situation udder control.

It is hoped that the cows will be reunited with their owner, but if he or she can’t be found, they will be put out to pasture at a local children’s charity.

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