Are these the ultimate esports gaming chairs?

Nissan GT-R Nismo gaming chair

Nissan has designed what it claims could be the “ultimate esports gaming chairs”. 

For now, they’re just sketches, but that’s rather fitting for an industry focused on virtual reality. If you’re a gamer, you can decide whether or not these chairs have legs.

Nissan says it has applied “model-specific technologies and conveniences” into the chair concepts, drawing inspiration from the American market Armada SUV, GT-R Nismo and Leaf.

There are no plans to put them into production, but if you bombard Nissan’s U.S. Twitter account with tweets, the company might change its mind.

Nissan Armada gaming chair

Maybe we’re getting old, because we rather like the look of the Armada gaming chair. It’s looks like the kind of chair we could use for work, let alone spending a few hours tackling online gamers on Gran Turismo.

The captain’s chair is finished in black and brown leather and is climate-controlled for heating and cooling. It also features lumbar support for additional comfort.

Meanwhile, the GT-R Nismo seat looks a little more hardcore. It’s constructed from lightweight carbon fibre and aluminium and finished in red leather and synthetic suede.

Finally, the Leaf chair features gunmetal painted surfaces, light grey leather seats, USB charging ports and integrated leg rests.

Nissan Leaf gaming chair

There’s apparently no truth in the rumour that a fourth seat inspired by the Nissan Note was rejected. The gaming chair was fitted with a beaded seat cover and a pocket for a packet of Werther’s Original sweets. Probably.

Nissan says that its chairs offer a unique blend of aesthetic and comfort, ensuring they “pique the interest of gamers across the globe”.

Do you like what you see? Be sure to let Nissan know.