Nissan Nismo tease

Nissan teases 2015 370Z Nismo

Nissan Nismo tease

Is this the new Nissan 370Z Nismo? And, at last, the genuine 350Z followup we’ve been waiting for?

Nissan has teased what’s expected to be revealed as the 2015 370Z range – in top-line Nismo guise – prior to its full debut tomorrow evening.

From the teaser issued, it looks like the 370Z is getting an eyecatching set of GT-R-style daytime running lights, built into newly-added brake cooling ducts for the outer edges of the front bumper.

Even from the closely-cropped promo shot, we can see how this removes the current 370Z’s bluff, nose-heavy look.

There’s more for the 370Z Nismo too – a very bold lower splitter finished in Nismo’s distinctively bold blood red. We rather like what we see here and hope the full car is as standout as this teaser suggests it could be.

The 370Z is, of course, an almost-forgotten rear-drive coupe that was a curiously feeble replacement to the glorious 350Z at launch and which hasn’t really gained any traction as the years have passed – despite some amazing bargain prices.

Could this facelifted model, and the hot Nismo mini-GT-R, finally see it live up to the 350Z’s reputation and start challenging the Subaru BRZ and Toyota GT86?

We’ll find out tomorrow evening… join us then for the reveal.

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