Nissan LEAF becomes UK best-seller

Nissan LEAFRival electric carmakers must be green with envy – Nissan has revealed it’s just sold its 3000th Leaf.

141 Nissan LEAFs were sold last month – making it the bestselling 100% electric car, ahead of the likes of the Renault Zoe.

The news comes a month after UK electric car sales hit a record high.

1300 of the total LEAF sales have been since May this year, when the LEAF was revamped with more than 100 improvements over its predecessor.

It’s not just the UK where the LEAF is popular either – more than 16,000 have been sold across Europe, while worldwide sales have topped 87,000.

Nissan GB sales director Jon Pollock said: “The LEAF is a true pioneer in every sense and in its lifetime it’s already done a huge amount to change attitudes and open minds in the UK and across the world.”

Will you be turning over a new leaf by switching from a conventionally powered car in 2014? Let us know.

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