Nissan reveals glow-in-the-dark Leaf

Ever struggled finding your car in a dark car park? Nissan may have the answer, in the form of a glow-in-the-dark Leaf.

The manufacturer has worked with inventor, Hamish Scott, to apply his ‘Starpath’ spray-on coating to its electric car. It works by absorbing UV energy during the day, before glowing for eight to 10 hours after the sun goes down.

It uses a secret formula of organic materials, including a rare natural earth product called Strontium Aluminate, which is solid, ouderless and chemically and biologically inert, says the manufacturer.

If made commercially available (a big if), Nissan says the luminous paint would last for 25 years.

It comes as the manufacturer claims that many owners of the all-electric Leaf are spending the money saved on fuel on other eco-friendly measures – including solar panels for their home. This means owners can effectively charge their Leaf for free.