Nissan Micra

Nissan will help you find friends to buy a car with

Nissan MicraNissan has launched a new shared car ownership scheme that is 100% digital and uses social media channels to match up groups of compatible sharers.

The scheme, called Nissan Intelligent Get & Go Micra, will launch in Paris in April 2017. Other cities, such as London, are expected to follow.

The firm argues it has the potential to “transform the traditional car sharing industry”. This is through the use of social media profiling: Nissan will use social algorithms to pair up suitable groups of people to co-own a Micra.

Nissan Intelligent Get Go Micra

With an added layer of geo-location tech, Nissan believes the new scheme will create a car sharing scheme that works for everyone. Members will pay monthly based on how much they use the car, so they “can expect no nasty surprises”.

The advantage of using social media is that co-owners will be paired up with like-minded people. They’ll likely be a similar age, live in the same area, share similar music tastes and so on: all important considerations when cars are used by multiple people.

And because you’ll know the other people in your co-share group, there’s more incentive to keep the car clean and tidy for others.

Everyone also enjoys much lower cost of ownership – insurance, servicing, smartphone app and in-car tech functions are all included in the price. Bose Personal Audio is also included: this uses speakers in the car’s headrests to enhance sound quality.

Nissan chairman and CEO Carlos Ghosn launched the new Nissan Intelligent Get & Go Micra scheme at the Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal this week. “We are moving toward a future where car usage may be more flexible, social and shared,” he said.

“At Nissan, we’re pioneering new ways to allow drivers to enjoy the freedom and financial benefits of shared car ownership.”

The Nissan initiative comes a week after UK car insurer Admiral announced it would use Facebook profiling to help younger drivers get discounts on car insurance – a scheme quickly BLOCKED by Facebook itself.

It is not yet clear if Nissan plans to use Facebook profiling in its Micra car-sharing scheme. 

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