Subaru Impreza MY17

New Subaru Impreza to debut at New York Auto Show

Subaru Impreza MY17Subaru will at last reveal the all-new Impreza at this month’s New York International Auto Show, ready for its market launch later in 2016.

Coming after several years of teasers and tips, Subaru’s still currently only hinting at the new Impreza’s look, but the close-crop production-ready image above does at least confirm it’s coming.

To be revealed by Subaru owner Fuji Heavy Industries’ president and CEO Yasuyuki Yoshinaga on press day, 23 March, Subaru will reveal both four-door saloon and five-door hatchback versions of the new Impreza.

Again using Subaru’s trademark Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, the firm’s promising a compete redesign that focuses on interior space, in-car tech and, most pleasing of all, a “sleek new body design”.

Subaru’s award-winning Eyesight collision-avoidance safety tech will also feature.

Subaru Global Platform

Subaru Global Platform

The new Impreza will be based on the firm’s new Subaru Global Platform, upon which all its next-gen vehicles will be based.

Taking principals from other global architectures such as Volkswagen MQB and Ford Global C, the new fully-flexible platform is future-proofed to 2025 and is described as including a number of defining traits:

  • Dynamic feel
  • Strong straight-line stability
  • Noise and vibration surpression
  • Up to 100% rigidity improvement over today’s cars
  • Greater comfort
  • 50% less body roll
  • “The world’s highest levels of safety”

A key part of the company’s mid-term ‘Prominence 2020’ regeneration plan, the new platform is part of six core technologies that will feature on the Subarus of the future.

Subaru’s also confirmed the new platform is adaptable to electrification in the future – and is ready for hybrid, plug-in hybrid, full EV and alternative power units going forward.

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