McLaren 570S Coupe

McLaren 570S to launch Sports Series in New York

McLaren 570S CoupeThe first McLaren Sports Series model will be called 570S Coupe and is to be fully revealed at the 2015 New York Motor Show.

McLaren’s more affordable rival to the Porsche 911 sports car, the launch of the Sports Series completes the firm’s three-tier model strategy.

McLaren’s line-up now comprises:

  • Sports Series (such as 570S)
  • Super Series (such as 650S)
  • Ultimate Series (such as P1 and P1 GTR)

Following McLaren convention, the ‘570’ bit in 570S indicates the car’s power output from its V8 twin-turbo engine. It will be mid-mounted and, as the teaser image above shows, sit between cool ‘flying buttresses’.

McLaren’s new sports car will be a “pure McLaren,” says the firm, “offering class-leading levels of performance”. A bold claim indeed, given how potent modern Porsches such as the 560hp 911 Turbo S are…

But then, McLaren can boast a carbon fibre structure for real one-upmanship over Porsche, plus “pioneering and race-derived technologies” which come to the sports car segment for the first time.

We’ll be at the 2015 New York Motor Show and will bring you all the news on the McLaren 570S Coupe when it’s revealed at the show on Wednesday 1 April; come back just before 8pm GMT.

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