Toyota Aygo 2014

New Toyota Aygo to cost from £8,595

Toyota Aygo 2014Toyota has revealed prices for the all-new Aygo range, with the model range starting from £8,595.

The new car will go on sale from 1 July – and the firm is helping smooth its rollout with a £600 launch saving, cutting it to less than £8k for a limited period.

The new Aygo joins its Citroen C1 and Peugeot 108 sister cars and, money saving experts will spot, costs a bit more than them. Both the Peugeot and Citroen start at £8,245.

Toyota believes the sheer amount of customisation and unique features it’s offering on the Aygo will help it find favour. Well, that and a rather standout range of trims: x, x-play, x-pression, x-cite and x-clusive.

All models get electric windows, LED running lights, ESC stability control and USB sockets. x-play and above add air con, Bluetooth, remote stereo, rev counter, bigger 15-inch wheels and remote stereo controls, and the x-pression includes alloys, DAB, x-touch touchscreen infotainment, reversing camera and part-leather seats – an impressive haul indeed.

x-cite and x-clusive are styling specials: x-cite has the signature Orange Twist paint finish and piano black exterior detailing.

The 14-strong model range also offers a huge range of customisation options, which will require time with the online configurator to decipher. Warning: most of them are x-themed, from the x-nav addition to x-touch infotainment to an x-tra premium pack on x-cite and x-clusiv models. There’s also an x-shift automated transmission, although we’d probably cross that one out.

Interestingly though, Toyota only offers a single 1.0-litre engine option. Both Citroen and Peugeot offer an 82hp 1.2-litre, which presumably is their own design (the 1.0-litre is a Toyota motor). As Toyota builds the cars for all three, you’d think its French customers would let it use their engine…

… Unless Toyota had the offer and chose not to?

MR is driving the new Toyota Aygo in a couple of weeks: come back then to find out all about Toyota’s bold-looking new city car.

Toyota Aygo model range – price list

X 3dr: £8,595

X 5dr: £8,995

x-play 3dr: £9,795

x-play 5dr: £10,195

x-play 5dr x-shift: £10,895

x-pression 3dr: £10,995

x-pression 5dr: £11,395

x-pression 5dr x-shift: £12,095

x-cite 3dr: £11,195

x-cite 5dr: £11,595

x-cite 5dr x-shift: £12,295

x-clusiv 3dr: £11,295

x-clusiv 5dr: £11,695

x-clusiv 3dr x-shift: £12,395

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