New Smart Fortwo turning circle outsmarts London Taxi

2014 Smart Fortwo Forfour LondonThe new Smart Fortwo has a turning circle tighter than a London Taxi, Motoring Research can reveal. 

By law, all approved London Taxis must have a turning circle of 7.6 metres, or 25 feet. This is wall-to-wall measurement too, rather than kerb-to-kerb: it’s a tough challenge.

New Smart Fortwo and Forfour revealed

But the new Smart Fortwo betters it, with a turning circle of just 7.3 metres wall-to-wall. It means the new Smart Fortwo will be more maneuverable than one of London’s most maneuverable vehicles of all.


The kerb-to-kerb figure is even more impressive: if there’s nothing in your way to scrape the bumpers on, it can turn within a seven-metre radius. By way of comparison, the Ford Fiesta ST3 recently tested by MR has an 11.4 metre turning circle (and that’s kerb-to-kerb, too…).

The new, longer Smart Forfour can’t turn quite as compactly but it’s still impressive; 8.95 metres wall-to-wall. If this sounds familiar, it’s because that’s the same as the old Fortwo – underlining how much the firm has improved maneuverability with the new model.

Smart has achieved the tight corning circle by combining narrow front tyres with a high outside wheel turn angle; factor in the unchanged 2.69 metre overall vehicle length and, it seems, there may soon be a new star of Central London traffic. For once, it will be the cabbies looking on in envy.