New service lets your friends and family track your cab

New service lets your friends and family track your cab

New service lets your friends and family track your cab

A technology company has launched a web-based service that lets your friends and family track your current location when taking a cab.

Magenta Technology says the service is aimed at teenagers returning from a night out, females travelling alone and other vulnerable user groups.

When you book a cab using the service, it sends you a text message with an internet link that you can then forward to whoever you see fit.

This shows details of the allocated driver, including their name and phone number, as well as a description of the vehicle and its registration number. It also shows an overview of the journey with real-time tracking and estimated pick-up and drop-off times.

One of the early-adopters of the service is Longleys, a private hire company based in Canterbury, Kent.

Longleys director, David George, said: “This new tracking app is really useful as we have a very high population of younger people in education – over 20 percent of the Canterbury population comprises students. By allowing parents, friends or guardians to track our cabs, it brings real peace of mind.”

The creators of the app said it comes at a time of great debate over the safety of passengers using services such as Uber.

Magenta Technology sales director, Matt Borland, said: “There is, and rightly so, much debate about passenger safety, especially with new operators and passenger technology such as Uber. This is why we have taken the lead and applied our technical expertise to address passengers’ concerns and give them the confidence to make their journey.”