1983 Austin Metro HLE: new arrival

Welcome to the launch of Retro MR!

1983 Austin Metro HLE: new arrival

The Retro MR Launch

Bringing you the best real-world classic car content.

Welcome to the launch of the brand-new Retro MR. Built to accompany the regular Motoring Research website, Retro MR is here to bring you a wealth of news, features, and opinions from the world of classic motoring. This isn’t about priceless exotics or untouched collection pieces – Retro MR is about classic cars that you can drive and enjoy without needing a seven-figure bank balance to even consider.

With Andrew Brady as editor – a man with a track record of owning modern classics, including an Austin Metro – be confident of Retro MR featuring classic cars you could actually go out and buy tomorrow. With other members of the Motoring Research team delivering content there’ll be no shortage of differing views and opinions.

We also have unrivalled access to the Motoring Research archives, meaning we can offer reviews of modern classics that may be in your ownership sights right now. 

To celebrate the launch of Retro MR, we’re spending the whole weekend covering the NEC Classic Motor Show. We’ll be live from the show, so be sure to check out our dedicated NEC 2017 hub on the Retro MR website. We’ll be tweeting using the #RetroMR hashtag from the NEC, so get involved with our NEC experiences.

Most of all, please get involved and help build Retro MR into a living and breathing community. The retro car world is packed with niches and interests, so make sure you share them with us. Use the comments feature on the Retro MR website, or get in touch with us via social media, and let us know what you want to see here.

NEC 2017

NEC 2017 – Retro and classic favourites

To celebrate the launch of Retro MR, we’re pounding the floors of the NEC to track down our favourite cars. Naturally, there’s an Austin Metro here for Editor Andrew. 

NEC 2017 – 50 years of the Rover V8

The NEC Classic Motor Show is paying tribute to the Rover V8 this year, an engine featured in multiple applications over five decades. These are some of the highlights.

7 expensive future classics at the NEC Classic Motor Show

NEC 2017 – Six expensive future classics

Predicting the ‘next big thing’ in the classic car world isn’t easy, but these six cars are almost guaranteed to be in demand. So why not buy the best examples going?

Porsche 928

NEC 2017 – Celebrating 40 years of the Porsche 928

It wouldn’t be a classic motor show without a host of retro Porsches, but this racing 928 is even more special than most at the NEC this weekend. See why it’s here

Classic News

What would God drive? A Bugatti Chiron, maybe. Or, what about a Rolls-Royce? However, if you ask the Beta Band’s Steve Mason, the answer is an Austin Allegro…

Classic features and opinions

Opinion – This retro Caterham isn’t rubbish, I am

Andrew had always wanted to drive a Caterham Seven, but his first experience left him less than impressed. Things changed when he gave it a second chance, though.

What if… Jaguar had built an XJ40 coupe?

Retro MR’s editor is dreaming of an early 1990’s world where Jaguar put a two-door version of the XJ into production. Just how serious was Coventry about the idea?

Opinion – The ten worst Ferraris ever made

Perfection isn’t easy, even for a manufacturer like Ferrari. These are the ten times the Maranello firm didn’t get it right during a history spanning across seven decades. 

Retro Reviews

Retro Review – Driving the legendary Lotus Carlton

Few cars get mentioned by name in a House of Commons debate, but that was the fearsome reputation the Lotus Carlton developed. We’ve driven the super saloon. 

Retro Review – Driving the ultimate Mitsubishi Evo

For a short time the biggest battle in motoring was waged between Mitsubishi and Subaru. The Lancer Evo X FQ-440 MR was possibly the fastest combatatent of all.

Reviews from the MR archives

Chrysler Crossfire

The year is 2003 and Chrysler has launched its Mercedes-Benz SLK-based Crossfire.

Porsche Boxster S

We wind the clock back to 2002 – should you buy a 986 version of the Porsche Boxster S?

Jaguar XJ6 X350

It’s 2003, and Jaguar has just launched a groundbreaking all-aluminium XJ saloon.

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