Nissan X-Trail 2014

New 2014 Nissan X-Trail in huge retained values leap

Nissan X-Trail 2014The new Nissan X-Trail will retain nearly 53% of its value after three years – a hefty 9% improvement on the outgoing model.

RV figures from data experts CAP have been boosted by the new model’s “styling, market leading technology and safety features”, it says.

It means the new X-Trail has jumped to be among the leaders in its class for future retained values.

In raw cash terms, the boost in RVs means the new Nissan X-Trail will be worth up to £3,200 more than the old one after three years and 30,000 miles. This has helped trim whole life costs by a hefty 10% – it costs 99p per mile instead of 110p per mile.

Not only will it be cheaper for customers to run, it may also be cost less for them to buy, too: better RVs means PCP rates will be lower as less of the vehicle’s depreciation has to be paid for each month: a higher Minimum Guaranteed Future Value will keep payments low.

And what works for private buyers also works for fleet leasing companies and the firm is clearly hoping to attract company car drivers with the new model. Barry Beeston, Nissan GB corporate sales director, said: “Alongside the recently launched Qashqai, the new X-Trail is a strong prospect for fleet managers looking to reduce their running costs and maximise their investment during the vehicle’s lifecycle.

“Not only will owners get more value for their new X-Trail after three years, but the associated benefit is a significant reduction in wholelife costs too – up to 10% better versus its predecessor.”

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