New Jaguar website teaches you how to drive electric

Jaguar I-Pace range calculator

Jaguar reckons the all-electric I-Pace could fit in with your life. And the company’s new online range calculator can help you refine your driving style to best an electric car.

The website shows how different conditions, driving styles and environments can impact your driving range, for better or worse.

Teaching you to drive again

Jaguar I-Pace range calculator

Four categories can be selected to show the effects on driving range: interior climate, extreme temperatures, driving style and driving conditions.

Driving style is where Jaguar particularly wants to re-educate us. ‘One of the biggest impacts on range is the driver’, the site reads.

‘Frequent, heavy acceleration will have a detrimental impact on the car’s state of charge, whereas travelling at a steady pace will help an electric car preserve range. Gradual acceleration can also reduce your reliance on hard braking which consumes more energy than gentle braking.

‘Travelling at a steady pace will help an electric car preserve range.’

Jaguar I-Pace versus the motorway

Jaguar I-Pace range calculator

In terms of driving profile, you can select from Urban, Motorway and Combined. They have respective average speeds of 17mph, 59mph and 29mph. Other factors you can change are climate control use, outside temperature and which alloy wheel size you have.

Urban is what the calculator seems to think is the best for the Jaguar, with 300 miles range estimated if other factors are optimal. On the motorway, with everything else exactly the same, that drops to 202 miles, while combined it sits at 258 miles.

This is all at an optimum temperature of 25 degrees centigrade, without any climate control on and with the small eco-friendly 18-inch wheels. Turn the AC on and you lose over 50 miles from that 300-mile urban range.

Likewise, if you upgrade to 20-inch wheels, you lose 20 miles – or 32 miles if you go for the 22-inch wheels. The wheels make less of a difference to the motorway range, but still take it below 200 miles, as does use of climate control.

Jaguar I-Pace versus cold weather

As for how different temperatures affect range, the I-Pace takes a blow in cold weather. That 202-mile motorway range at 25deg C drops to 197 miles at 20deg C, 187 miles at 10deg C and 173 miles at 0deg C.

In urban driving, the drop is even worse. A 300-mile range at 25deg C goes to 244 miles at 0deg C.

In short, if you want that headline 292-mile WLTP-certified figure, it had better be a perfect summer’s day…

Go I-Pace – does the car fit your life?

Jaguar I-Pace range calculator

The new Go I-Pace app is a clever thing, too. It follows your movements over the course of a week. It calculates how far you’re driving, how much battery would be used and what the savings would be if you switched to electric.

The app has logged over 35,000 journeys so far, showingthat as many as 87 percent could cover their weekly mileage with two full charges. And 52 percent of users would only need to charge the I-Pace once every seven days.

“The Go I-Pace app was designed to demonstrate how EV ownership can benefit drivers, particularly in understanding journey impact on range and how often they would need to plug in,” said Joanna Hewitt of Jaguar Land Rover.

“Looking at the data we have had so far, it is clear to see that not only is I-Pace ownership cost-effective, it is extremely convenient too.”

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