New Audi RS5 2017 price from £62,900, 0-62mph cut to 3.9sec

2017 Audi RS5The all-new Audi RS5 Coupe will cost from £62,900 when UK ordering opens later this month. Deliveries of the 450hp 2.9-litre biturbo V6 car that will run 0-62mph in 3.9sec and reach a top speed of up to 174mph begin later in the summer.   

The new RS5 version of Audi’s latest A5 Coupe is a car Ingolstadt is rather excited about: it compares the engine’s noise to that of the original B5 Audi RS4 and has gone as far as offering optional carbon fibre roof and fully-milled forged alloy wheels. Select them both and you’ll have a full 60kg weight saving over its predecessor.

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The all-new engine, which Audi insists (with a wink) is absolutely not related to the 2.9-litre V6 turbo in the Porsche Panamera, puts out a whopping 442lb ft of torque; fully 125lb ft more than the old car. Yet it also averages 32.5mpg and emits less than 200g/km CO2, making it 17 percent more efficient than before.

Not only that, Audi’s insisting the new RS5 is better to drive than its rather lead-footed predecessor. Five-link front suspension is reworked, the all-new five-link rear is bespoke to the RS and quattro all-wheel drive gets a quattro sport differential (the one that can split torque between rear wheels) as standard in the UK. Drift-tastic, Audi’s press image seems to suggest.

2017 Audi RS5

Want to go further? Pick the Audi Sport RS sport suspension kit: this includes Dynamic Ride Control, dynamic steering and carbon ceramic brakes. 19-inch wheels as standard are likely to be a rarity in the UK, when 20-inch wheels are available on the options list.

Visually, the new Audi RS5 Coupe gets proper quattro-blistered wider wheelarches, oval exhaust tailpipes, honeycomb grille and standard LED headlights. Inside, RS sports seats get Nappa leather and Audi fits a bespoke Virtual Cockpit digital binnacle as standard. Entertain yourself with new readouts for torque, g-forces and tyre pressures.

And if all this driving engagement is too much for you, Audi proudly says it’ll sell you “as many as 30 driver assistance systems… to help the RS5 remove even more layers of stress from every journey”. Some things never change.

New 2017 Audi RS5: in pictures

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