NEST car tent

NEST is a car tent inspired by a Volvo Ocean Race yacht

NEST car tent

Frustrated by the lack of affordable and lightweight car tents on the market, Sebastian Maluska spent three months designing a solution. Called NEST, Maluska’s tent sleeps two and can turn any car into a mobile home.

Maluska, who studied production design at École cantonale d’art de Lausanne (ECAL) in Renens, was inspired by the sailors sleeping inside a Volvo Ocean Race yacht, where space- and weight-saving are the order of the day.

“The sleeping surface was made out of fabric connected with a rope to a carbon fibre frame,” said Maluska. “In this way, fabric acts as a structural element. Using a rope, the connection between fabric and frame is flexible and makes the sleeping surface comfortable while using the minimum of materials.”

NEST uses two aluminium frames and sailing fabric to create a low-profile extension for car roofs, acting as a tent and a storage space. In the closed status, the upper frame overlaps the lower frame to enhance the aerodynamic efficiency while driving.

Pulling a little pin opens the two frames to create a sleeping area for two people, which is accessed via a ladder stored in a fabric pocket beneath the sleeping surface.

Wake up and smell the coffee

Drinking in car tent

“The best place to take a morning coffee and to enjoy the view is sitting in front, resting the feet on the frame, protected by the roof,” says the ECAL graduate. When closed, skis and surfboards can be stored on the roof racks on top, while sleeping bags and luggage can be stored inside.

Maluska, who spends a lot of time outdoors, hopes NEST will appeal to people travelling on a budget. Sleeping in a car is forbidden in some countries, while it’s not always easy to find level ground at your chosen destination. What’s more, you’ll need to spend time erecting the tent when you get there.

“NEST is ready all the time,” says Maluska. “One big wish of mine would be to invest further development time in it, to push it on a higher level of finishing. Therefore I would like to cooperate with companies and craftsmen.”

In the meantime, Maluska intends to take a few days holiday in the mountains using his tent. “It’s always good to be early on the mountain,” he says.

Hat tip to Dezeen for source.

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