Need a warranty for your Bugatti Veyron? It'll cost you...

Need a warranty for your Bugatti Veyron? It'll cost you…

Need a warranty for your Bugatti Veyron? It'll cost you...

If you’d paid more than £1 million for a Bugatti Veyron when it was new, you might have been disappointed to discover that it only came with a two-year factory warranty.

With even the latest Grand Sport models now approaching two years old, it’s something that could be a concern for the discerning used Veyron customer.

But worry no more – aftermarket warranty provider WarrantyWise has announced its most expensive cover ever. The £10,000 Platinum Plus warranty covers unlimited claims up to the value of the Bugatti Veyron.

The policy has been created especially for specialist supercar dealer Tom Hartley, where a £2 million Veyron has recently been added to the stock.

When a set of tyres costs £23,500, and a routine service will set you back around £14,000, the idea of something catastrophic breaking could make your eyes water.

The Platinum Plus warranty covers all mechanical and electrical parts, including oil seals, air-conditioning, gaskets, drive belts, wiring looms and radiators – plus labour rates.

WarrantyWise CEO, Lawrence Whittaker, said: “The Bugatti Veyron is one of the most incredible cars ever built, but it comes with a price to match. Servicing and repair costs will always run into the tens-of-thousands, so we wanted to provide Tom Hartley and the Bugatti’s new owner with the best possible cover to make sure there are no unexpected bills at the start of their ownership.

“We’ve got experience in covering almost every car on the road, from Fords to Ferraris, but this latest Bugatti warranty is really the pinnacle of our line-up.”

With a total of ten radiators, four turbochargers and sixteen cylinders, it might be wise to consider investing in a warranty if you’re thinking about buying a Veyron.

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