There is a nationwide speeding crackdown underway right NOW

Speeding crackdown UK

Speedy motorists, beware: the NPCC (National Police Chiefs’ Council) is in the midst of a UK-wide speeding crackdown involving forces from all over the country.

Officially, the two-week campaign began on January 14 and is to end on the 27th, although forces across the country are free to vary per their whim. Cheshire Constabulary, for instance, has been running its own three-week program since January 7.

The goals of the nationwide crackdown should be obvious; reduce speed-related fatalities on the road, increase awareness of the dangers of speeding, and encourage motorists to drive to the road environment and conditions.

Needless to say, a crackdown on speed isn’t all about education. To actively reduce speed-related fatalities, there will inevitably be some stoppages, fines and penalty charges.

“We work closely with our partners all-year round to target speeding drivers,” said acting inspector Julian Ditcham from the Norfolk and Suffolk Roads Armed Policing Team.

“Campaigns like this help us to enforce the law but to also educate motorists and raise awareness of the dangers of speeding.

“Speed limits are in place for a reason – the limit is set at the maximum safe speed to travel on a particular stretch of road.”

Norfolk and Suffolk forces are actively taking part in the campaign, alongside Warwickshire,  West Mercia police and more. Figures show that 73 people have been killed and 557 people injured in the Warwickshire area in speed-related collisions over the past three years.

The campaign has received enthusiastic support from independent road safety charity, IAM RoadSmart. The charity urges the importance of UK motorists learning that speeding isn’t a ‘victimless crime’.

“That is total nonsense,” said Neil Greig, IAM RoadSmart director of policy and research.

“Many drivers think they can easily handle the speed they drive, and assume their skills are great enough to handle an emergency. We at IAM RoadSmart would like to ask those people to take a long, hard look at their attitudes and stop kidding themselves they are always safe.”

Figures quoted by IAM RoadSmart suggest that, either due to excessive speed for road conditions or excessive speed in general, speed can be associated with over 300 fatalities and over 2,500 serious injuries on the road. Over 10,000 minor injuries can be associated with speed-related accidents.

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