Google patents GPS system to help you avoid potholes

It's National Pothole Day 2016!

Google patents GPS system to help you avoid potholesFriday January 15th is National Pothole Day in Britain, a curious tradition that’s no laughing matter if you’re among the thousands whose cars were damaged by hitting them in 2015.

Indeed, RAC data reveals it was called out to 24% more damaged wheels, broken shock absorbers and ruined suspension parts in 2015, breakages it says were likely caused by poor road surfaces.

That’s 25,487 people whose cars were hobbled by hitting a pothole or similar.

Damaged springs alone rocketed by over 40% last year, and there was an alarming 10% rise in damaged subframes – and they’re normally such rigid structures, bending them can only be caused by hitting severe potholes hard.

‘Losing battle’

Enough is enough, says the motoring organisation. “Some authorities are still losing the pothole-repair fight,” said its chief engineer David Bizley.

“We shall only win this battle once sufficient preventative road surface maintenance is undertaken to prevent potholes appearing when the first bad weather arrives.”

There’s possibly help on the horizon, but it may not be enough. “On to of the £6 billion already promised, the Chancellor made available further funds in the Autumn Statement.

“Whilst this is still not enough to meet the shortfall, it may hopefully mean we will see a decline in ‘pothole generated breakdowns’ this time next year.”

We shall see. In the meantime, try not to celebrate National Pothole Day with a bang today.

Potholes driving you potty? Let us know where the worst ones near you are – and if you think the situation’s getting better or worse where you live

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