Nissan X-Trail #ColourOfAdventure

Name a new Nissan car colour

Nissan X-Trail #ColourOfAdventureThere are some crazy car colours out there. James Blond? White My Fire? Buzz Lightgreen? (All of those are from the Vauxhall Adam colour chart, incidentally.)

Think you can do better? Thanks to a new initiative from Nissan GB, you can: it wants the public to help name a new amber metallic colour for its all-new X-Trail.

Called Suzaku Amber in the rest of Europe, Nissan GB is challenging Brits to come up with something more catchy and is taking to Twitter and Facebook to crowdsource a new name.

Nissan X-Trail 2

Nissan fans with some good ideas simply have to suggest it in a tweet or a Facebook comment, adding the hashtag #ColourOfAdventure. Users are also being encouraged to load up an image that best shows what adventure means to them.

Some of the best will be shared by Nissan on its Twitter and Facebook pages – and, once the competition closes at 10am on 22 April, a panel of design experts will select a winner.

This colour will be added to the X-Trail colour chart, ready for picking when order books open at Nissan dealers on 1 May.

Nissan X-Trail 3

It’s a tempting competition, and not just because part of the prize is also an iPad Air. The new amber colour will actually be the firm’s feature colour for the new X-Trail’s launch, and thus be the most-publicised colour of all. You can be sure Nissan will also be talking about its ‘first of a kind’ crowdsourced colour-naming initiative, meaning extra kudos to the socially-savvy winner.

Oh, and why a shade of amber? “Research shows that shades of orange reflect social communication, while amber specifically mirrors the sense of adventure and strength of the X-Trail,” says Nissan. So now we know.

Want to enter? Connect with Nissan here:

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