First look at mystery Maserati supercar: due in 2020

Maserati 2020

Maserati has revealed images of a mid-engined prototype testing on roads near its factory in Italy.

The car is, according to Maserati, a test-bed for a new engine, due for use in a model arriving next year. Perhaps stung by allegations that the new Ferrari Roma owes much to the Maserati Alfieri concept, it insists the powertrain is ‘100 percent Maserati’.

In other words, this isn’t a development of another engine from within Fiat Chrysler Group (FCA).

Maserati 2020

It will ‘be the forefather of a new family of engines, integrated exclusively on the vehicles of the brand,’ says Maserati.

Quite what the ‘engine’ is remains a mystery. Production of the Maserati GranTurismo ended after 12 years recently and an electric successor is anticipated. We’re not sure this prototype is electric, however. Use of the word ‘engine’ suggests internal combustion. Plus there appear to be a great deal of air intakes for something with battery power.

Speaking of the styling, what can we infer from this Maserati’s appearance? Very little, sadly. But it certainly looks low-slung and sleek.

Maserati 2020

The headlights are reminiscent of the Alfa Romeo 4C, while the vents on the side could shame a McLaren Senna. The camouflage wrap highlights a May 2020 ‘save the date’ event.

Maserati isn’t famed for its mid-engined offerings any more. The last was the MC12 hypercar of 2005. Today’s post-GranTurismo line-up is exclusively saloons and SUVs.

Could this prototype be an indication of more exciting things to come, or is it merely a vessel for a new powertrain? Something tells us the former is the case.

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