MRAdvent 24 Dec: The Darkness falls over Christmas

The Darkness Ferrari

And so we come to the end of our Christmas advent calendar. Over the past 24 days, we have featured everything from Santa giving his sleigh a wash to model cars rolling off the production line in glorious black and white. We end with darkness. Not in the literal sense, but with The Darkness.

In 2003, Christmas Time (Don’t Let the Bells End) was famously robbed of the Christmas number one slot by the downbeat and comatose Mad World. We can’t right this wrong, but we can give The Darkness some extra exposure in 2015.

But why does it belong on a motoring website? Well it just happens to feature a Ferrari 308 GTB, so that’s a good enough reason for us. And we didn’t want to run with Chris Rea again. Surely he’s home by now. If not, should we think about sending out a search party?

All that’s left for us to say is have a very merry Christmas and thanks for reading our words in 2015. Take it away, Justin.

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