MRAdvent 21 Dec: the ‘berth’ of a good idea?

Car bed

If you’re bored of the Christmas adverts on television, just wait until Christmas Day. Come December 25th, the festive ads will have made way for sales, furniture warehouses and summer holidays. Fortunately, you’re unlikely to face Judith Chalmers, but you will see no end of people encouraging you to spend money you don’t have on holidays you probably can’t afford.

Back in 1956, you didn’t have to drive far to have a great time. Simply attach a bed to the roof of your Vauxhall Velox and head to Black Park, Buckinghamshire. The car bed was invented by Victor Rosen, who had seen the wagons on a trip to the United States.

[bctt tweet=”Simply attach a bed to the roof of your Vauxhall Velox and head to Black Park, Buckinghamshire.”]

The footage from British Pathé takes us back to a different, more innocent era. Today, the idea of two women driving to a country park to sleep on the roof of their Vauxhall would be unheard of.

According to the inventor, the bed/tent – which could be erected in a matter of minutes – was perfect for women who were scared of insects and crawly things, although we’re not entirely sure of the definition of a crawly thing.

Having tested the water – which is clearly the first thing you do when deciding on a place to make camp – the women set about creating their room for the night, which comes complete with a changing room and a ladder for the short journey to bed. Given the measurements of the bed, we’re thinking one lady sleeps in the bed, with the other forced to kip in the car. Seems a bit unfair.

And as if to prove this was a totally different era, the Pathé News narrator runs through the technical details before telling us the measurement of the girls are not available. Different times, lad. Different times.

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