MR learns the Nurburgring

MR learns the Nurburgring: Live gallery

Motoring Research is going to learn how to drive the Nurburgring Nordschleife. Yes, all 73 corners of the world’s longest and most challenging race circuit. Here’s our gallery from the ground on the hallowed turf of Green Hell…

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Can you learn the Nurburgring in just two days? We’re going to find out: MD Richard’s sum total of Nurburgring lappery is one lap back in 2004, from the passenger seat. The ideal guinea pig.

We’re here with Vauxhall Opel, based at the OPC technical centre, but it’s Scuderia S7 that’s running the course. International Sportscar Coaching is the firm’s tagline: sound like ideal teachers to us.

And the car? Vauxhall Astra VXR (albeit in its German Opel Astra OPC guise), a model born literally 500 metres from the circuit gates (the track runs parallel to the test centre). It is, we’ve already discovered, one of the few genuinely Nurburgring-born mainstream performance cars.

We’ll report back in detail after the event, both through and some key clients. Here though, we’ll be covering it as a live gallery as we go, with as many sights and viewpoints as we can find wifi connectivity for.

Follow us above live as we find out if you really can learn the Green Hell in two days…

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