Motorists urged to back National Pothole Day this Thursday

Thursday 15th January 2015 is set to go down in history for car drivers, as it marks the first ever National Pothole Day in Great British.

Organised by and backed by, the campaign has been put together to “harness the frustrations of the UK’s motorists who have long complained about how unpleasant, disruptive and damaging the unsightly craters are.”

Motorists are being asked to submit photos of damaged caused by potholes and pictures of roads in need of repair via social media sites including Twitter and Facebook. managing director, Philip Hankinson, said: “With roads up and down the country seemingly getting worse by the year and neglect of these roads increasing at a similar rate, it was only a matter of time before the motorists of the UK bit back.

“ has already used social media to show our support to the campaign and will do everything we can to support UK motorists as they’re a sector who we naturally have a close relationship with and do deserve to be heard a lot more readily than they are.”