1 in 5 motorists find parking a struggle

A new survey finds that one in five drivers admits to finding parking a struggle, which equates to more than 6.5 million motorists in the UK.

Motorists find parking a struggle

One in five drivers admitted they were not very good at parking, according to a survey conducted by YourParkingSpace.co.uk.

We’re tempted to say that four in five drivers are good liars… 

Modern technology means that, in theory, it has never been easier to park a car. Front and rear parking sensors should mean that an impromptu meeting with a plant pot or garden wall should be avoided.

Reversing cameras – which will be mandatory for new type approvals from 2022, and for all existing models by 2024 – can also assist those who struggle to park with grace and dignity.

Fifty-four percent of the respondents to the survey said that other drivers are “generally bad at parking”, which suggests a park-assist system could be a good option when buying a new car.

Park assist uses cameras and sensors to allow the car to self-park, either into a parking bay or between two cars on the side of the road. While the technology was formerly the preserve of high-end cars, it’s now available on humble superminis.

‘It’s not unusual’

Man inspecting car park damage

Harrison Woods, ParkingSpace.co.uk managing director, said: “It’s not unusual to see motorists struggle on a daily basis to park a car, including parallel parking or trying to squeeze into a tight space.

“Unsurprisingly, our survey shows that many more people consider other drivers to be bad at parking compared to those admitting they find it a struggle.

“Whatever the situation really is, there’s no need for parking to be a chore for anyone as there are plenty of options to help drivers.

“For instance, some motorists rely on modern technology in a car, like park-assist and various sensors to guide them into their parking space, while others prefer to pre-book an empty space to remove the stress of driving around looking for an available spot on the day.”

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