2018 Honda Civic i-DTEC diesel

MR week in review: 27 January 2018

2018 Honda Civic i-DTEC diesel

Whilst the press and government continue whipping up anti-diesel rhetoric into a frenzy, manufacturers are still selling and launching new cars seemingly powered by the devil in hydrocarbon form. Yet the latest diesel cars, conforming to Euro 6 regulations and submitted to real-world emissions testing, are the cleanest DERV machines to ever hit the road. Volkswagen’s dieselgate debacle has opened the floodgates for dissing diesel, but are we hurting our choices by shunning them?

Richard’s review of the new Honda Civic i-DTEC proves that diesel can still play a part in our motoring landscape, fitting a niche that neither petrol or EV power can easily match. Perhaps it is time to stop vilifying those who make the decision to fill up from the black pump, and celebrate the progress diesel technology has made.

This week we have also tested the latest Audi RS4 here in the UK, driven a Mercedes-AMG that is likely to offend, and checked out the controversial new Lamborghini SUV. There’s also the small matter of multi-million dollar car collection discovered hidden away in an abandoned garage.

Car News

Lamborghini Urus

Ahead of the first deliveries in the summer, Lamborghini has unveiled to new Urus SUV in London. Watch our video as this controversial crossover takes a bow.


2018 Honda Civic i-DTEC diesel

2018 Honda Civic i-DTEC – First drive review
For fleet drivers, and those with long-distance commutes, the diesel-powered Civic is the one they’ve been waiting for. Does it still justify a place on the road in 2018? 

2018 Audi RS4 Avant

2018 Audi RS4 Avant – UK first drive
The V8 engine might be gone, but the new RS4 still has all the power and practicality to keep up the fast Audi estate tradition. We’ve now tested it here on UK roads.

Mercedes-AMG GLA 45

2018 Mercedes-AMG GLA45 – Not for shrinking violets
With over 380hp and four-wheel drive, the AMG GLA45 could be the fastest car in the real world. Just don’t expect to make many friends on your daily commute in it.

Features and opinion

Woodworth, Hagerty Garage Find

$4 million car collection found in an abandoned garage
Can you imagine the shock from opening up a condemned building in North Carolina, to find an ultra-rare Shelby Cobra and classic Ferrari 275 GTB inside?

The real McLaren Senna
Forget the new hypercar. This is the actual chance to buy an F1 car, driven to victory at the Monaco GP by Ayrton Senna in 1993

Used SUVs for less than £200 a month

£200 a month used SUVs
With Auto Trader letting car buyers searched on monthly payments, we have tracked down a host of used SUVs for less than £200 a month.

Charging an electric car: everything you need to know

All charged up
With the number of EVs set to rise, these are the answers to all those important questions you might want to ask before plugging in.

Retro MR

Audi RS2

Retro MR – Audi RS2 review
Although the new RS4 might be latest fast Audi wagon, the RS2 is the one which began it all with a little help from Porsche. Rich Gooding is your guide to driving it.

Range Stormer

Retro MR – Remembering the Range Stormer concept
The expansive Range Rover lineup is about to get another new model. This was the concept which kickstarted the dramatic transformation of the traditional brand.

Lancia Thema 8.32

MR Retro – Lancia Thema 8.32 – The four-door Ferrari
Shoehorning the V8 engine from the Ferrari 308 QV into a Lancia saloon made for one of the greatest Q-cars ever created. Gav is certainly a fan of this Italian machine.

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