My fuel diet got off to such a good start, writes Andrew. I barely went over 2,000 revs last week, and the car was used only for driving to and from work. Trips to the supermarket were done on foot, and my fuel use was slashed.

But then, well, it was Mother’s Day on Sunday. And being on a fuel diet isn’t an excuse not to put in appearance – so I drove to Shropshire, 150 miles each way. And while I was there, I did some ferrying about, and also took a mate for a spin on the kind of roads we don’t have in the crowded South East. As you can imagine, that drive wasn’t exactly the last word in hypermiling.

At least the long motorway journey should compensate for the extra fuel used by resulting in some stunning MPG figures. Well, without wanting to sound like I’m making excuses (I am), hitting the M1 and M6 at rush hour on Friday evening wasn’t great for eco-driving.

The return leg in the early hours of Monday morning should have been better, but I get bored on long journeys and my right foot was feeling particularly heavy. And the car was carrying various bits of furniture I’d borrowed from the parents so it wasn’t particularly light, either.

So, the figures? Well, take a look for yourself below. At least I’ve cracked 30 mpg, but I’ll have to try harder to cover fewer miles…

Miles covered last week 555.9

Fuel used 84.08 litres

Average MPG 30.02

It’s great to see some readers have been taking part, too. If you want to have join in with the Fuel Diet it’s not too late – just take record your fuel consumption and distance covered over a week, and let us know on Monday morning. You can do this via email (andrew@motoringresearch.com), Twitter (hashtag #FuelDiet!) or Facebook.

Sun->Sun #FuelDiet – not great as included local driving and through Central London… @Editorial_MR @TheAndrewBrady pic.twitter.com/1vcmwtA6X0

— Alan Bradley (@ufarrochil) April 1, 2014

.@TheAndrewBrady 225.6 miles covered. 41.11l used. 25.07mpg. Not good #fueldiet figures! // @Editorial_MR

— CrackedWindscreen (@CrackedW_Screen) April 1, 2014