Motoring Research is going on a fuel diet. Join us!

fuel2Do you look forward to every little drive, like a 17-year-old with a shiny new driving licence? Do you rev high, brake late and generally drive in a manner that would horrify advocates of hypermiling?

Does your car fail to reach anywhere close to the manufacturer’s official MPG figure? Do you live on beans for a week so you can go for a pointless drive to nowhere at the weekend?

If so, like me, you could have a problem. My name’s Andrew and I’m a petrolholic.

We all know how expensive fuel is. And that’s a particular issue for someone whose only vice is wasting fuel. While other people might cheer themselves up or cure boredom by devouring a bar of chocolate or spending an evening in front of reality TV, I’ll grab my car keys and go for a spin. But, with an average petrol price of £1.31 a litre in my area, my petrol spending is getting out of control.

Enter the Fuel Diet

So, I’m going on a fuel diet, and I’m inviting you to join me. Once a week I’ll visit the petrol station, work out how many miles I’ve covered that week and my average fuel economy. There’ll be two aims: to cover fewer miles and achieve greater fuel economy. I plan to persuade a few of my Motoring Research colleagues to take part in the diet too, to add a competitive element (you’re on -Ed).

The diet starts from today, but I worked out my fuel usage last week to give me an idea of where I should be aiming. Over the week I covered 307 miles, using 52.5 litres of fuel. That’s an average fuel consumption of 26.5mpg. Gulp.

Apparently weight-loss experts encourage dieters to set targets – so I shall do exactly that. I’d like to get my mileage as low as 200 miles per week, and average 35mpg. I think that’s pushing it, but doable.

Check back next Monday and I’ll report on how the first week of my petrol diet has gone. I’ll be sharing tips on using less fuel and reporting what’s been easy and what’s been a bit tricky.

How can you join in? Follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook , comment below and let us know how you get on with the fuel diet. Take a note of how many miles you cover, and use this handy calculator to work out your average MPG. By the end we should all have healthier wallets and have learned quite a bit along the way. Hopefully it won’t be too painful, either.

Andrew’s fuel usage – week 0

Miles covered last week 307

Fuel used 52.5 litres

Average MPG 26.5

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