Motoring Research Fuel Diet: Andrew Brady – weeks 3 and 4

fd1Looking to save fuel? Do you, like me, experience your right foot getting heavier a) as you get bored and b) when a good song comes on the radio?

I regularly find on motorway journeys I start off at a relaxed, steady pace, but after an hour or two on the road that goes out of the window and I’m in the outside lane in full on Audi driver mode. This is especially true when I’m on the way to visit my parents in Shropshire – a good 50 miles of M1 driving followed by a slow jaunt through Birmingham on the M6, means by the time I get to Shropshire’s autobahn that is the M54 I’m an outside lane warrior with no regard for fuel economy.

But, for Easter weekend’s trip to Shropshire, I found a solution in the form of audio books. Listening to a hefty novel when the road opens up means you’re less likely to be tempted to put your foot down and, if it’s a really good book, you find yourself slowing down as your approach your destination so you can reach the end of the chapter.

The result? Well, over the 322.3 miles I covered over the weekend, the BMW averaged an incredible 37.2mpg. That’s more than 2mpg over my (ambitious, I thought) target.

Unfortunately it’s been averaged out by the daily grind of the commute, but still, I’m less than a single MPG away from my target. Let’s ignore covering more than twice as many miles as my target, shall we?

Miles covered last week 509.2

Miles covered the week before 237.4

Initial miles covered 307

Target miles covered 200

Fuel used last week 67.94 litres

Fuel used the week before 33.67

Average MPG last week 34.1

Average MPG the week before 32.06

Initial MPG 26.5

Target MPG 35