Motoring Research Fuel Diet: Andrew Brady – week 2

fuel dietLast weekend I visited Norfolk. It’s not very often I have reason to visit Norfolk, but a load of classic cars were going under the hammer and I wanted to see the action.

Getting to Norfolk isn’t easy. It’s mainly very long, straight, single carriageway roads with the occasional roundabout and quite a few lorries.

Why am I telling you this, with regards to my fuel diet? Well, the miles are still a good distance from my target, but sitting at 50mph for a long drive across East Anglia did wonders for my average fuel consumption last week…

Miles covered last week 346.7

Miles covered the week before 555.9

Initial miles covered 307

Target miles covered 200

Fuel used last week 50.01 litres

Fuel used the week before 84.08 litres

Average MPG last week 31.5

Average MPG the week before 30.02

Initial MPG 26.5

Target MPG 35

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