Honda PCX 125

On your bike: commuters buy most motorcycles since 1983

Honda PCX 125

Motorcycle sales are at last looking up in the UK, with the Motorcycle Industry Association reporting sales for 2015 topped 114,000 – the highest annual total since pre-recession 2008 days.

And it’s commuter motorcycles that are driving the upturn; more of this category of bike and scooter were sold in 2015 than since records began in 1983.

Almost 44,000 commuter two-wheelers between 101-125cc were sold in 2015, continuing growth in this category that stretches back to 2011 when fuel prices first began to rise.

“Motorcycle dealers have been reporting an increase in families swapping a second car for a motorcycle, to beat the misery of sitting in traffic during rush hour,” said Steve Kenward, CEO of the MCIA.

“Motorcycles and scooters can filter through slow moving traffic and are tremendous fun, with riders tending to rate their commute more enjoyable than other transport users.”

The forecast for 2016 sales is positive too. “We anticipate 2016 will see further growth on 2015 numbers, and predict sales of around 124,000,” said Kenward.

Cars are still easily more popular than motorcycles, however. Last year, the SMMT reports more than 2.6 million new vehicles were registered.

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