Zef Eisenberg Hayabusa

This man wants to set a new motorcycle top speed world record – in YORKSHIRE

Zef Eisenberg Hayabusa

ACU Madmax Team Rider Zef Eisenberg is taking a supercharged Hayabusa to Yorkshire this weekend (September 15-16). Why? To break a speed record, of course.

He’ll be going for an average two-way measurement of 217mph at Elvington in North Yorkshire, for the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) show. It’s the first time in 20 years that the show has taken place on UK soil.

What’s the machine for the job? The aforementioned Hayabusa, supercharged to 350bhp – it’s known as ‘The Green Machine’. A nickname that doesn’t quite get across this things savagery, we fear. During recent test runs he achieved 224mph within a mile so it’s looking good for a successful run.

Zef and bike are already familiar, too. The pro rider took to Pendine sands to take an outright sand record of 201mph back in May.

Zef Eisenberg Hayabusa

Zef has had his fair share of nasty bike experiences, too, having survived a 230mph crash on a 560hp Rolls Royce jet turbine bike – the fastest ever recorded bike crash. A three-month hospitalisation period due to 11 broken bones was the price.

Of the bike, Eisenberg said “the Green Monster is capable of enormous speeds and smashing records. I intend to hold on tight, nail that throttle and deliver the big speeds”.

He sounds determined and rightly keen to stay tank-side up this time…