Most Googled cars

The most Googled cars in the UK revealed

Most Googled carsSo, when sat at our computers, tablets or smartphones researching our next new car, what model do we all want to know about the most? It’s the kind of info a lot of online motoring publishers would kill for. Well… there’s no need to be so rash. We have to hand a list of the UK’s most Googled cars.

The results may surprise you.

Beginning in the South and it seems we’re all mad on Minis. The map below, produced by alloy wheel marketplace Rimstyle, depicts the entirety of the southern UK (along with the East, East Midlands and North West) in Mini-denoting teal.


As for the specifics, the South does enjoy a bit of variety, with smatterings of Ford, Toyota and Skoda amongst the sea of Minis. There’s even a couple of places seemingly most interested in Porsche.

Moving up to the East of England, East Midlands and the North West, Mini enjoyed competition from Ford, VW, Mercedes Benz, BMW and Toyota.

Even in places where the Mini didn’t take it, the narrow victories of Citroen, Skoda and BMW can’t have been by much, with the quintessentially English marque enjoying everything short of a search engine monopoly in the West Midlands, Yorkshire and the Humbers, and the North East.

Mini Connected

Citroen, Fiat, Toyota and Peugeot featured strongly in Yorkshire’s list, while BMW, Seat and Skoda were among the heavy Citroen and Mini presence. The West Midlands seems to have expensive tastes what with its heightened interest in BMW over the other sub-premium brands. The region’s other favourites support this with Jaguar and Land Rover featuring heavily too.

What did you expect to be the most Googled car in the UK? The Mini isn’t a surprise to us. In theory, it’s our perfect car. Plush, yet affordable with an image that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Classy and classless rolled into one. Now to compare the “most Googled” to regional car sales. Don’t wait up…

Most Googled Cars in England 2018

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