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The most Googled cars in 2019

Most googled cars 2019

It’s not all lap times and sales figures when it comes to motoring leaderboards. In the digital age, where your brand stands in the Google rankings counts for a lot. We reveal the most Googled cars of 2019.

The top ten most Googled cars

Most googled cars 2019

The top ten has some surprises, and some you might expect – everything from the exotic to the mundane. The list, in its entirety, is comprised of the cars most Googled from month to month. To get into the top ten, you need to be generating more than 165,000 searches a month.

That is where tenth-place begins and ends, with Peugeot in 11th and Lamborghini tied in tenth. The immediate marques that beat it? In order, Jaguar, Hyundai, Volkswagen and Ford. The latter two, in seventh and sixth, breach 200,000 searches, with 201,000 each. Of these marques, the most popular cars to search for are the Urus, E-Pace and F-Pace, Tucson, Polo and Fiesta. That’s a lot of SUV.

Most googled cars 2019

The top five, in order, are Vauxhall, Tesla, BMW, Audi and Mercedes. Yes, the Germans lock out the top three, each with over 300,000 searches. Mercedes in first, gets 368,000 searches a month. Merc’s most-searched-for car is the A-Class, while Audi ties the A1 and A3.

BMW’s is the baby of the group, too, with the 1 Series taking the top spot. From Tesla and Vauxhall, the Model 3 and Corsa are the most-searched-for.

The best of the rest

Most googled cars 2019

Other exotic stuff comes much further down the list from top ten placing Ford, Vauxhall and Hyundai. Porsche and Aston Martin are in 14th and 19th. Ferrari follows in 20th, with Rolls-Royce, McLaren and Bentley following in 25th, 28th and 31st. Bugatti is all the way down in 37th place.

As for the number of searches? Porsche has over 135,000 monthly searches. All of the others are under 95,000 searches.

Most googled cars 2019

The Toyota CH-R has more searches as a model than McLaren as the brand, while more people search for the Land Rover Discovery than Bugatti in total.

The most-searched models

The A-Class, like Merc, leads this list, with 135,000 searches. Next up is the humble Ford Fiesta and Fiat 500, with 110,000 searches each.