Crashed Ford van

The most accident-prone van drivers revealed

Crashed Ford van

If you encounter a plumber or heating engineer driving a Ford van, you might want to steer clear: new research has revealed them to be the most accident-prone van drivers on our roads. 

The in-depth analysis, by Moneysupermarket, discovered that more than a quarter (27 percent) of van drivers who have previously claimed for an accident and were at fault drove a Ford.

Meanwhile, plumbing and heating engineers are the biggest culprits, with one in nine of them making a claim as a result of an accident they have caused. So if you’re a plumber with a Ford Transit, this might explain the increase in your insurance premium.

Van driver insurance warning

The research, which is based on a whopping 700,000 insurance quotes, also shows that a wide range of people are now driving vans, including vicars, professional knitters and fish fryers. Although for at least some of them, Moneysupermarket might have a nasty surprise…

Tom Flack, its editor-in-chief, said: “The number of vans on the roads has grown by more than 100,000 over the past five years, but many drivers are unaware that you need a separate van policy – even if you already have existing car insurance.

“This is particularly important if the vehicle is used for commercial purposes, which you must state in the policy. Failing to do so can actually make any claim void in the event of an accident.”

Top five van brands most likely to claim:

  1. Ford – 27 percent
  2. Vauxhall – 17 percent
  3. Volkswagen – 11 percent
  4. Citroen – 8 percent
  5. Mercedes-Benz – 8 pecent

If you’re a vicar with a love of knitting, let us know which van you drive.

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