Strict enforcement of 70mph speed limit could be used to fund police officers

More than 80% of company car drivers admit to motorway speeding

More than 80% of company car drivers admit to motorway speeding

A survey by the RAC has found that 81% of company car drivers admit to regularly exceeding 70mph on the motorway – with nearly half (46%) of respondents confessing to regularly breaking the 80mph barrier.

Company car drivers are more likely to speed than private car users – of which 69% said they regularly drive above 70mph.

Despite this, 90% said they consider themselves to be law-abiding drivers. Exceeding the 70mph speed limit could land you with a minimum fine of £100 and three penalty points on your licence.

Corporate business sales director at RAC Business, Jenny Powley, said: “When you drive as part of your working day and are running late for meetings, it can be very tempting to break the speed limit. It’s worth reminding drivers that the risks associated with speeding can far outweigh the time saved. After all, driving at 80mph instead of 70mph will only save you six seconds a mile, or 10 minutes over 100 miles.

“It’s also worth considering the impact of speeding on fuel efficiency. According to the Department for Transport, driving at 80mph can use 25% more fuel than driving at 70mph, so this can have a real impact on the business bottom line.”

The research found that speeding is less of an issue in more residential areas, but 23% of drivers admitted to regularly driving at 35mph in a 30mph zone.

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