This 'hideous' car makes internet users 'sick in the mouth'

This ‘hideous’ car makes internet users ‘sick in the mouth’

This 'hideous' car makes internet users 'sick in the mouth'

We’ve all seen modified cars that aren’t to our taste – but one eBay user is outraged by a one-off Mercedes, he’s set up an online crowdfunding campaign to have it destroyed.

The unique car, which started off life as a 2002 Mercedes-Benz CLK, is currently up for sale on the internet auction site with an asking price of £4,999. The long-term project of an experienced hot rod engineer, the seller claims that it’s fully road-legal and could perhaps be used “as a display piece in a gothic themed business”.

None of the custom bodywork is made of fibreglass or filler, says the dealer selling the car, with all parts made using steel. The interior is believed to be largely unchanged – although the pictures in the advert focus entirely on the bold exterior.

Crowdfunding campaigns are a good way of raising money for worthy causes. Anyone can set one up, with a funding target, allowing people to donate money towards causes they feel strongly about.

“The firs [SIC] time I saw this car I got sick in my mouth,” explained Matthew McEvoy, the creator the crowdfunding campaign to see the Mercedes-based car destroyed. “It has caused arguments amongst friends, wasted thousands of man hours that could have been spent solving world hunger and I did hear a rumour that just one look at it made one petrol head go totally blind.”

He goes on to explain that if the campaign hits its £8,000 target, he’ll transport it to his location in Cornwall and destroy it.

“There will not be enough left to ever rebuild it and for good measure I will burn the V5c [registration document],” adds McEvoy.

He later adds that a company has offered the use of tanks to destroy the car.

At the time of publishing, £0 has been donated towards the £8,000 target. You can donate via JustGiving, or buy the car on eBay.

In pictures: modified Mercedes on sale on eBay

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