MINI Hatch 2014 accessoriesMINI has revealed the first wave of accessories for the new MINI Hatch – with headturning new style options being joined by practical new features that further enhance the new car’s usability.

MR has compiled a gallery of them; it’s worth taking a look below as some of the body graphics and seat covers really are… unique.

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It’s the addition of a roof rail option to the MINI for the first time that will make the car now a viable new car proposition for some, though – and it’s this that we feel is more significant than it first seems.

Now, for example, buyers keen on the active lifestyle pursuits MINI marketing folk love – surfing, cycling and so on – will be able to add a MINI to their new car choice list, simply because for the first time it’ll be able to carry the stuff that’s important to them, not just themselves and a mate.

More space in the back makes it more viable for new parents (clock the vibrant child seat), and the new underfloor tray in the boot also gets it own snazzy accessory. MINI has even created an ingenuous way to turn the rear passenger compartment into a useful extension for the boot without folding the seats down – and you won’t believe the colour and trim options it’s offering it in..