Lexus LS for sale

Are you brave enough to buy this ‘million-mile’ Lexus?

Lexus LS400

What car brand has a reputation for high miles? Old Mercedes-Benz famously do, but so too do Japanese brands such as Toyota, Honda… and Lexus, which launched with a bang with the mightly LS400 pictured above.

Almost three decades on from the premium Toyota division’s launch, there are now some pretty leggy Lexus out there. Such a this one, in America, pictured below. It is for sale on Craigslist, with a heady 985,000 miles, for $2,600. That’s just over £2,000, for a car with just under a million miles on the odo.

Indeed, the owner proudly opens with, “this is my ‘million mile Lexus”. It’s still got its original V8 which allegedly has never had the heads off. Regular maintenance including spark plugs every 20,000 miles, oil every 3,000 and water pumps every 50,000.

The brakes are clean, with the machining of discs and the refurbishment of callipers being carried out very recently. The cabin is referred to as ‘mint’, as is the bodywork, with all the necessary precautions and beyond taken to keep it as such: parking far away, not smoking – standard procedure.

Lexus LS for sale

The transmission ‘shifts like new’ without being opened up and the air-con ‘blows cold’ without so much as a re-gas. All told, this Lexus LS could be the ideal one-owner buy for someone interested in a well-heeled luxury classic. Whether “this car can last another million miles” remains to be seen, though…

This is one of many LSs floating around that have done mega miles. Matt Farah of The Smoking Tire has a 950,000+ mile example that he’s put near 80,000 on since purchase. These cars are well-known to be able to pile on the miles. 

The LS was Lexus’s hammer-blow first entry to the market, to show the world what it was made of. Ironic that the fullest effects of its over-engineering are only most evident nearly 30 years later.

Most other cars with this kind of mileage will have an element of ‘Trigger’s broom’. Do enough miles and little beyond the body in white and the block isn’t a consumable.

Not so with the original Lexus LS: is this the most prolific ‘million-mile’ hero car, or do you know of one that’s done more?

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