MG3: one from more than a million


The new MG3 is available in more than 1 million combinations – so MG has launched a configurator to showcase them.

Many brands offer configurators, of course: reborn MG hasn’t had the, um, configurability to do the same. Until now.

To celebrate the fact its new MG3 offers so much more choice, it’s rolled out a six-step configurator, allowing buyers to choose from:

  • 10 body colours
  • Various exterior graphics packs
  • Contrasting mirror caps
  • Numerous alloy wheel options
  • Tech and infotainment options
  • Warranty and servicing packs

It’s even developed technology that allows you to share links of your bespoke MG3 with others. Sure, this is the sort of thing many do with Porsches and McLarens, rather than upcoming budget-priced superminis, but it’s still a nice feature.

You don’t even have to worry if there isn’t an MG dealer nearby: the firm will bring the car to your door, via the aptly-named MG2U initiative (when it gets the page working, that is).

With prices from £8399 (capped at £9999, sans options), it’s certainly one of the cheapest car to offer so many possible configurations. Will buyers respond to the new British MINI-inspired Ford Fiesta alternative, though.

Here’s hoping: MG deserves attention – as the MR road test due next week will explain…

Oh, and if you want to stay here at MR and investigate the MG3, don’t worry: we’ve got all the info in our own database, too…

MG3 tech and specs on MR



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