MG3: now more economical (but it'll cost you)

MG3: now more economical (but it’ll cost you)

MG3: now more economical (but it'll cost you)

The 2016 model year MG3 supermini goes on sale next week – with a revised Euro6 engine, tweaked to offer better fuel consumption.

The change is partly down to a new stop-start system, not previously offered on the MG3.

Exact fuel efficiency figures are yet to be confirmed, but the MG3’s 1.5-litre engine will now emit 124g/km CO2 – a reduction of 12g/km. That means you’ll now pay £110 a year in road tax, compared to the outgoing model’s £130.

Rivals such as the popular Ford Fiesta are available with CO2 emissions below 100g/km, resulting in free road tax.

Other changes include new colour combinations, says MG – as well as a new chrome grille.

MG’s head of sales and marketing, Matthew Cheyne, said: “The MG3 has continued its success from the day it launched in 2013 and, with all that it offers, it’s easy to see why so many people have fallen for our fun-packed and stylish supermini. Now we’re giving customers a little bit more, with the addition of some great features, but still keeping the price low; making it great value for money and setting us apart from our competitors.

“Those looking to give their car additional style and edge will love our new roof combinations, as they give customers the opportunity to mix up the personalisation options even more.”

The range starts at £8,399 for the MG3 3Time – going up to £10,999 for the MG3 3Style Lux, which includes leather seats.

Previously MG had proudly advertised that its entire MG3 range was available for less than £10,000 – although the start price remains the same. The Birmingham-based manufacturer points out that the 2016 MG3 is available on 0% finance.